Evangelism - Bringing the Community of Christ into your homes 
Outreach - Servicing those in need in the neighborhood and beyond 
Hospitality - Preparing a place for you at God's table off welcome 
Men's Club - A time for Men and Boys to enrich their lives and Children of God 
ECW - Episcopal Church Women group serves and proclaims the Gospel in tangible ways 
Media Ministry - A time to photograph, video and record the wonders of God's work in this life  
Church School - Every Sunday at 10 AM Bring the children and Youth Adults
Bible Study - Offered twice a week, Sunday at 9AM and Wed. at Noon come find Hope in God's Word!
Confirmation & Reaffirmation Class-
an opportunity to examine and confirm or reaffirm your vows and life to God 
Music Ministry - Join the Choir , Bring your Instrument, make a joyful noise for the Lord!


Having family issues, are you Troubled and experiencing a challenging week? Call into our weekly prayer line and we will stand with you. Bring the concerns to others as well. Prayer changes hearts and how we respond to the challenges and injustice in the world.