Evangelism - Bringing the Community of Christ into your homes 
Outreach - Servicing those in need in the neighborhood and beyond 
Hospitality - Preparing a place for you at God's table off welcome 
Men's Club -
A time for all male members of Christ's church to enrich their lives as Children of God 
ECW - Episcopal Church Women group serves and proclaims the Gospel through services to the communities around us
Media Ministry - A time to photograph, video and record the wonders of God's work in this life  
Christian Formation - (Children and Youth Adults) Program Events/Trips, Confirmation & Reaffirmation Class - Examine, confirm or reaffirm your vows to serve God in His Church & World
Scripture Studies - (In transition)
 Music Ministry - Join the Choir , Bring your Instrument, make a joyful noise for the Lord!